At AIRS CONSULTING Business relationship are based on a Best Practice approach.



  •   Knowledge of the Finance & Banking field, its expectations

  •   Ethical behavior to gain the trust and respect of stakeholders

  •   Motivation to ensure a constant commitment to the objectives

  •   Availability and flexibility to facilitate adaptation to new demands and to meet deadlines

  •   A particular vision of the relationship of trust and a professional conscience

  •   Commitment to satisfy end user expectations: Presentations, Demonstrations, Training

  •   Efficiency, Safety, Reliability, Optimization are part of our concerns.

AIRS Company

Sector of Activity

The integration of multiple enterprise applications across networks and systems has become the heart of our business. This is the result of the extensive experience accumulated in technologies such as data exchange bet- ween applications, but also due to an important technological training updated periodically.


We operate in the IT en- vironments for many financial institutions and software companies and are able to work on all aspects related to Financial Messaging.


Always listening to the latest technologies and the most recent developments in our field, we ally technical expertise in financial networks and their protocols with a thorough knowledge of financial messaging standards along with current solutions proposed on the market.


Depending on your needs we cater for project management, business or requirements analysis or for customizing a software solution. Because of our long experience in Financial Messaging we act frequently as Solution Architect for the design and the workflow set-up or as an Expert on a messaging soft- ware or a technical infra- structure.


Whether the connectivity is in relation to Payments Traffic or a Financial market infra- structure or those of the market securities, we take care of issues as diverses as calls for tenders, coordination of implementation, requirements analysis or functional speci- fications, design flow or writing detailed specifications.


As a partner of your teams, but also a stakeholder in your projects we will collaborate together from the strategic thinking/feasibility study to the training of your employees.


ECB tells firms to buck up Sepa migration efforts

ECB tells firms to buck up Sepa migration efforts

The European Central Bank (ECB) has warned that many companies are leaving Sepa migration too late, leaving themselves open to serious problems when the February 2014 deadline arrives.

In a report, the ECB says that with just 11 months until the migration deadline for Sepa (Single euro payments area) credit transfers and direct debits, large swathes of the continent is behind schedule.

While most corporations have already completed the planning phase and know what Sepa will mean for them in practical terms, a number have adopted very late internal deadlines for actual implementation, waiting until the end of 2013. This is a "source of concern", in particular when it comes direct debits, warns the report.

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